If you’re an English teacher in a foreign country then you understand how hard this job can be. Everyday you’re fighting against the lack of motivation and a 7-seconds-long attention span. Kids are noisy, teenagers don’t care and adults expect miracles. Worst still, a teacher’s job doesn’t end in the classroom, there are demanding parents to please, disorganised managers, last minute changes and countless unpaid hours of lesson preparation.


If that sounds too familiar to you then know that you’re awesome and we’re really, really proud of you. Teaching English abroad is no piece of cake but, just as other demanding professions, it can be incredibly rewarding if you put your heart into it.


We love this job and believe that every teacher has a chance to see what a noble profession it truly is. Whether you’ve been teaching for some time or if you’re just starting, we wish to help you with some of the burden. The ultimate goal of this website is to provide you with countless activities and teaching techniques. No more hours upon hours of designing your next lesson, no more headaches from students’ poor engagement, no more puzzlement over what to teach next. You’re here now and so is everything you need.


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