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How to understand and work with introverted students.

How to understand and work with introverted students. The inherent difference between extroverts and introverts is the amount of stimulation their brains need to function effectively. Some people cannot work unless loud music is playing in the background and there is an ambient sound of conversations around them. Extroverts, as

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8 ESL Exercises Perfect For Extroverts

8 ESL Exercises Perfect For Extroverts You’re standing in front of the class, looking over your students and doing something what you imagine to be an effective tension building. It’s working as your students sit in an orderly silence, eyes locked on your lips, waiting for what comes next. Your

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10 ESL Games For LARGE Classrooms

10 ESL games for LARGE classrooms There are 400 million people learning English in China alone. According to estimates, there are ‘only’ around 250 million English teachers working around the World. This overdemand sadly causes classrooms to grow in size. It’s not uncommon for a Chinese or Vietnamese classroom to

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5 ESL ROLE-PLAY activities for Adults

5 ESL ROLE-PLAY Activities for Adults Need an idea to do something different? Have an extra class outside of the syllabus and want to treat your students to an interesting game? Or maybe you simply want to take a break from teaching grammar or holidays vocabulary. We’ve all been there

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10 Songs To Get Young Students Energized

10 Songs To Get Young Students Energized Action songs are the simplest way to get the youngest students engaged. Such songs, dozens of which can be found online, are always upbeat and hard to resist even for us, serious adults. They involve some basic vocabulary and often come with karaoke-style

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10 ESL Activities Using Pictures

10 ESL Activities Using Pictures Implementing pictures as a teaching tool in your classroom is a great way to get the learners engaged. Whether you’re showing them from your laptop, hand out printouts or ask your students to draw something themselves, pictures can provide you with endless opportunities for memorable

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10 Great ESL Exercises To Practice WRITING

10 Great ESL Exercises To Practice Writing It’s no secret that writing isn’t high on the list of favourite exercises for any ESL student. In a world where written communication is limited to 140 characters it’s hard to blame the youngest learners for dreading any longer forms of text. While

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Attitude For a Successful Classroom!

Attitude for a successful classroom! There are many different types of teachers, one could go as far as to say that each teacher is unique in their teaching methods and styles. And like every other “platform” in life, teachers also compare themselves to other teachers.  Have you ever seen a

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