Bundle B1-B2 Descriptions 1

Descriptions Bundle 1

Level B1 Intermediate – B2 Upper Intermediate

This bundle offers a useful variety of ESL lessons with a strong focus on describing people and places. ESL learners will practice talking about their best friends, neighbours, describing their neighbourhood and express opinions about their city/town.

There is plenty of material for at least 5 ESL lessons, or more, depending on the teacher’s pacing. 

The learners will enjoy a wide range of exercises such as discussions, readings, listenings, vocabulary exercises and some roleplay practice. 




1. Neighbourhood

4 Pages PDF. This lesson is about describing a neighbourhood and the people living in it. It includes 4 speaking exercises, 2 vocabulary exercises and 8 open questions

2. My City

5 Pages PDF. This lesson is about describing a city. It includes 5 speaking exercises, 2 vocabulary exercises, 1 reading and 12 open questions.

3. Appearance

5 Pages PDF. This lesson is about describing people. It includes 5 describing exercises, 1 vocabulary exercises1 reading and 15 open questions.

4. Friendships

5 Pages PDF. This lesson is about learning and practicing polite phrases. It includes 5 speaking exercises, 3 vocabulary exercises and an additional reading exercise.

5. Hotels

6 Pages PDF. his lesson is about morning routines and types of morning people. It includes 5 speaking exercises, 1 grammar exercise, 1 reading and 3 vocabulary exercises.

A sample page:


📚 Planning lessons is often the most inconvenient part of the ESL Teacher’s job. 

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When teaching online, we suggest using an editing program such as OneNote, Open Board or Adobe Acrobat to take live notes while conducting the lesson. 

🥇 SPEAKING is the primary focus of each plan. There are multiple pictures, questions and topics for your students to discuss. 

🥈 Additionally, each lesson has a SECONDARY FOCUS, which is one or more exercises revolving around LISTENING, READING or WRITING skills.

🥉 Lastly, some of the plans include a GRAMMAR BOX with EXERCISES for your students to practice one aspect of the English grammar.

Should you choose to assign homework, THE LAST EXERCISE in each plan is usually the most suitable for that.