5 Ways To Find Private ESL Students

Teaching English conversations is a great idea to make extra money on the side or even as a full on career. English teachers are in high demand in all countries of the world and are paid generously for their services. If you’re an aspiring new teacher or simply want to make some extra money and don’t know where to start this post is exactly for you.

Social Media Posts

The easiest way is to use your existing social reach to let people know about the new service you’re now providing. 

Post a picture of yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and explain that you’re looking for students to teach English conversations to. You could be amazed how effective a simple post like this can be. 

Facebook Groups

If you cannot find students in your immediate contact group, expand your reach. Facebook groups are an excellent way to do that. 

If you are from Spain you could join a group ‘Spanish learning English’ or ‘Españoles aprendiendo ingles’ and advertise your services there. 

Groups dedicated to learning English are a great start but they also might be already too saturated by English teachers.

Besides, most people who are thinking of learning aren’t necessarily also joining these kinds of groups. It’s usually learning first and joining communities second. 

The best groups to look for new students are the least obvious ones! For example a group dedicated to events in your city or a political ideology or better still, related to a specific profession, i.e. HR managers. 

Facebook Ads

Lastly, because not all people see posts from their groups and not all groups allow advertising services, you could spend some money on sponsored ads on Facebook. You can very easily decide what kinds of people you’d like to reach and let them know of what you’re offering. 

A sample Facebook Ad could look something like this:

If you’d like to use this design, you can find the template here.

Word of Mouth

This is how I got started. I begged and pleaded and overpromised and managed to get over 20 of my closest people to post a callout for my teaching services on their social media. 

In one week I got more clients than I knew what to do with 🤣.

Also, once you start offering your English teaching services tell it to whoever is listening! Whenever I talk to someone new and mention that I work as an English teacher 30% of the time they ask me for lesson or mention someone they know who is looking for them. 


Finally, another good way to offer your services is hanging posters around the town in places where a lot of potential clients can see. 

Places such as university campuses, cafeteria hubs, commercial centers, offices buildings, public transport stations, etc. 

Make a bright poster with your pearls displayed from ear to ear and wait for the future clients to start calling 😊.

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