131 General Games & Activities for Children

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131 General Games & Activities for Children is a collection of the most engaging activities that we’ve been using with our beloved young learners over the years. In order to create this resource we’ve gathered together our teacher friends and with their help compiled a list of all the different exercises kids enjoy during an English lesson. The end result was a surprisingly large number of activities that we are proud to share with you in this book.  We’ve made an extra effort to design this book in the most aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read way, which will hopefully save you time on trying to find, read and understand the procedure of these activities.  Our goal with this book was to create a wholesome teaching resource for you to use when working with young learners – the only classroom activity resource you’ll ever need again.


1 review for 131 General Games & Activities for Children

  1. Jamie Rogers

    Excellent book to have when you need something quick to do!

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