100 Effortless ESL Activities

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100 Effortless ESL Activities is a collection of the most effective ESL activities that we’ve been using over the years. All of the exercises have been tested across various proficiency levels and age groups by different teachers and we’re confident in their effectiveness. Above everything, all 100 are easy to execute and highly engaging for the learners.  We’ve designed this ESL resource to make your job a lot easier. The table of contents on page 3 enables you a quick access to all the activities within seconds. All of the exercises are incredibly easy to implement, requiring only basic resources, such as an A4 sheet of paper or some dice, with a third of the activities requiring nothing but you. We’ve paid extra attention to making sure that the step by step explanations are as clear and easy to follow as possible.  For only $14,99 this book will take your teaching game to the next level with these 100 effortless ESL activities.


2 reviews for 100 Effortless ESL Activities

  1. Peter Lane

    A great book to have on the iPad I am never without an idea now! Especially useful if I am substituting for other teachers at short notice. Thanks.

  2. Rhona Hough

    I love having this book in my bag of tricks I am never short of an idea! Thanks guys.

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