The Ultimate Bundle Page

What's inside this bundle?

Inside you’ll find 175 PDF Lesson Plans + 25 PowerPoint Lesson Plans. 

The PDF plans are divided into 4 categories: Grammar, Short Film, TED Talks and Themed

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Who are these plans for?

Our lesson plans are perfect for teachers leading ESL classes

All plans are made with a group of students in mind (the size may vary from 2 to 25 students).

That said, it’s possible to adapt these plans to one-on-one classes

How to use this resource?

These are not printable plans. 

Use them as your facilitator’s guide for the lesson. 

Open the plan’s PDF file and follow the steps explained in the plan. 

Everything you say is colour-coded blue, everything you write on the board is colour-coded orange

Each plan includes a variety of exercises, from the warm-up to speaking exercises, group projects, individual writing or pair work. Some plans include homework as well. 

See a sample:

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