This is the time to teach English

This is the time to teach English

The whole world is becoming a global village. If this wasn’t evident before, the recent events in Ukraine have shown how closely connected – emotionally, economically and culturally – millions of people are across the globe. 

The English language has long surpassed its origin country – the UK – and raised above all others to become the Official Language of the Planet Earth. It is the means by which we all connect. It is the native language of the internet – the ultimate tool for human connection. And now, in the turbulent beginning of the 21st century, the human connection is more important than ever.

This is the role of an English teacher. And it’s also the reason why the demand for learning the English language is growing exponentially, year by year. Millions of people are realizing the potential this language provides and are looking for ways to get better at it. 

What’s also interesting, is that learners are less and less concerned with the proficiency – the perfect grammar, for example – and more interested in practicing the effectiveness of expression – speaking. 

It makes sense, because most people we’re interacting with in English aren’t necessarily native speakers, but other learners from other countries. They don’t care if you’re confusing past simple with present perfect or using the right conditional clause, they only care to understand what you’re saying and to respond accordingly.

The future of teaching and learning English is in speaking – in practicing simple conversations. English teachers nowadays are paid for having conversations with people. Isn’t that neat? It all comes back to connection. The English language is the chosen medium by which people from around the world can connect so it makes sense that the most basic human connection – the conversation – is the medium by which we can learn it.

If you’re interested in teaching people how to have conversations in English, but don’t know where to start, here’s a helpful free lesson plan you can do with a student on any level:


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